Romance book
The Turkish Affair
Published by The Wild Rose Press
   Anne Pierson was a top-notch Washington journalist until a liaison with the wrong man implicated her in scandal. Years later, she’s hiding out in backwoods Turkey, working as a translator near the ancient Hittite site of Karakuyu, determined to keep her past a secret and avoiding personal relationships. But her quiet little world is turned upside down when she meets American archaeologist Renaud Townsend. 
   Renaud knows little about this foreign country or the project he’s been sent to manage after the former boss disappeared. Anne’s refusal to be his translator troubles him, but instinct tells him he can rely on her. Or is that only desire speaking? A lusty love affair for the duration of the summer dig would definitely help him adjust. 
   When Anne’s reputation links her to stolen artifacts and murder at the site, their budding romance comes skidding to a halt. To clear her name, she must sacrifice her safety and reach out to trust Renaud. But is there enough time to give love a second chance?

   A delicious breeze tickled the air, and the little boat rocked gently. A fine line appeared between Renaud’s brows, and his blue eyes were, once again, serious.
“I need your help.” 
   Anne stared. 
   “My help? With what? Translating?” 
   “No. With something else. I have to find out who is behind the thefts at Karakuyu.” 
   The feeling of dread returned, but she forced herself to sound casual. “How could I possibly help you with that?” 
   “I don’t know.” He sighed. “I just don’t want to feel that I’m alone in this.”
   What could she say to that? Tell him she was the last person he should team up with? That long ago, she’d escaped arrest by the skin of her teeth? If she did so, this splendid moment would be over. The silver-foil glimmer of romance would be tarnished forever. He’d row back to shore, drive back to Gülkale, get rid of her as quickly as possible. 
   “Anne?” He reached out to caress her bare arm. “Come back from wherever you are.” 
   “You know nothing about me,” she said jaggedly. 
   “Nothing,” he agreed. 
   She swallowed. “I could be involved in the thefts for all you know. Why ask for my help? Why choose me?” 
   He smiled faintly. “A good question. I suppose, quite simply, I need—or want—to trust you.” 
   She felt utterly miserable. Why was life always like this? Wanting someone and not being able to have them? Wanting trust, but seeing it snatched away before it came close? 
What people are saying about The Turkish Affair

This read kept me guessing about who the villains were right up to that "oh crap" moment. 
Liana Smith Bautista, Will Read for Feels

This is an excellent book that was an easy read. The pace was steady and the whole mystery kept me gripped to the unexpected ending.
Whispering Stories 

The descriptions were vivid and made me feel that I was there. The characters are multi-faceted and what you see is not what you usually get. 
Romancing the Book

What a great mystery, and set in an unusual, exotic locale. Highly recommended! 
 Dee S. Knight, Erotic Romance author

A hot romance in an exotic location with a good mystery - WOW! More please, ma'am.
 Judi Easley for Blue Cat Review 

Above all else, I have to say… go buy the book! There isn’t a book of the past 153 that I’ve read that compares to the quality and quantity of research presented in a realistic and entertaining manner that I found in The Turkish Affair. 
LAS Reviewer.


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